The fleet size and mix dial-a-ride problem with reconfigurable vehicle capacity

Oscar Tellez, Samuel Vercraene, Fabien Lehuédé, Olivier Péton, Thibaud Monteiro: The fleet size and mix dial-a-ride problem with reconfigurable vehicle capacity. In: Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, vol. 91, pp. 99-123, 2018.


This paper introduces a fleet size and mix dial-a-ride problem with multiple passenger types and a heterogeneous fleet of reconfigurable vehicles. In this new variant of the dial-a-ride problem, en-route modifications of the vehicle’s inner configuration are allowed. The main consequence is that the vehicle capacity is defined by a set of configurations and the choice of vehicle configuration is associated with binary decision variables. The problem is modeled as a mixed-integer program derived from the model of the heterogeneous dial-a-ride problem. Vehicle reconfiguration is a lever to efficiently reduce transportation costs, but the number of passengers and vehicle fleet setting make this problem intractable for exact solution methods. A large neighborhood search metaheuristic combined with a set covering component with a reactive mechanism to automatically adjust its parameters is therefore proposed. The resulting framework is evaluated against benchmarks from the literature, used for similar routing problems. It is also applied to a real case, in the context of the transportation of disabled children from their home to medical centers in the city of Lyon, France.